The Guest list by Lucy Foley

Just now finished “The Guest list” by Lucey Foley.

It is this months’s “Reese’s Bookclub pick”.

A great thrilling read. Quite different from other crime thrillers in the sense that, there are so many twisted characters in the plot, that you will be wondering who is about to die in the book. You will come to know only towards the end. The killer, of course will also be revealed toward the end of the book.

The author has done a great job of setting a proper wedding atmosphere what with the spooky , Eerie, remote island with a storm in the gathering.

The author narrates the story in the wedding guests’s perspective.Each wedding guest has a story to tell with their own haunting past and inner demons.

And it is also a bit funny of how far some pranks can go. What all people will do for fun and how it can turn nasty.

The book is just a gentle reminder that people are not certainly what they appear to be and certainly not who they really are.

It also is an eerie reminder that karma gets you , no matter what. And what you did in the past, always haunts you, and gets back to you. A thorough enjoyable read, in total. Loved it. !!!!

Writing- Do you like it?

I am blogging after about a year. Its been a rough year. Rough 2 years in fact. And reading and writing ,the flow of words, everything about literature, a pen, a paper, a blogging software, it fascinates me. It weaves magic, initiates thoughts, ideas.

With this scenario, I am currently reading Rainbow Rowell’s Fangirl. I had never been a big fan of chick -lit books, but this one got me glued right from the first few pages. Heard of the phrase ” Never judge a book by its cover”? Well, i didnt do that. But i did judge this book after finishing three chapters. I loved it. The reason is ‘the protagonist writes’. She writes fanfiction.

And the part that really fascinated me is where the protogonist’s professor asks the class this million dollar question. “Why do people write ?” Wow. That to me is a thought provoking question, a simple one but really amazing. I am amazed at the answers the students give. To name a few, “To hear our own voices”, “To disappea”r, Asexual reproduction” etc. Weird answers. But still reasons enough to keep me to continue my reading.

This made me think why do i write? To express. Simple. Yes. To relax. To escape reality. To escape into a bubble for a period of time. To transcend time and what not?

I could go on and on, but for now, these are the main reasons which make me read fiction. And blog occasionally.

What about you? Do you like reading fiction? Do you like writing ? What interests you more?

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Dream of a reader

Reading. Reading is an absolute bliss and the joy of reading cannot be expressed …… hmmmm…. well, readers know that and couldn’t deny that.

I developed interest in reading since the last four years after I have completed my higher .I have read so many books in the last few years, loved some of them …… well …most of them but just couldn’t get through some of them.

And recently I read a few books which were too good to finish and I was hoping the book would go on for ever and ever . I cherish each and every word in such books and a sudden thought crossed my mind.

I was wondering whether in some alternate universe , there existed a movie production company which produces each and every page in a particular novel and I was wondering if such a thing was possible.

Imagine a book you wanted to be made into a TV series or movie .The entire words brought to the silver screen , like a long running show or a forever TV series which depicted each and every scene and every character and each and every conversation, word by word as depicted in the novel . (without any change )Well….if I have to choose a book for that , I could not select one but most of all the books that I love.

It will be wonderful if a world exists where this happens and that is what I would call as heaven.

Do you have any books which would like to be me made into an exact TV series or movie adaptation like I talked above? I’m curious and I would like to know.

Self improvement : is it really necessary?


That’s moi. Contentment.Its never a reality for me. Why not do this? Why not do that? Should i improve myself ? I ask these questions quite often.

How can I be more effective in doing things?

How can i be more productive?

How to work smarter, not harder?

How to be punctual?

How to improve organising skills?

The list is endless…

The latest “in thing ” for me right now is “TIME MANAGEMENT”.

So far, i have 3 time management books in my collection. 2 physical books and 1 e book. I have read 2 books so far. And it has been a while since i read them. Did i change? Did my reading, influence my time management skills? Nah..Definitely not.. I am the same, as always.

Currently , i am reading the 3rd book and its taking like forever , to complete the book. I get sleepy every time i open the ebook and start reading. Its kind of depressing in a way. I guess i need time to read this book on time management. Ironic.Quiet..

I am 25 % done with the book. And i am going nowhere. I still struggle to manage time. So many tips are given in the book and sometimes, i wonder whether in order to manage time, should i stop reading this book first? Anyway, i spent some bucks to buy this book and for that sake at least i should finish it.

And i am continuing to read it, in the hope that,somewhere along the pages, i can find a miracle cure for my poor time management skills.

So typically moi.

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